Welcome to eLatina Voices


We are a new Latina movement born of the recognition that our future and the future of our children is at risk. eLatinaVoices understands that in order to build a stronger more powerful nation that we must work together to bring a united voice that speaks of the promise of America.

We are witnesses to the break in the basic principles upon which our nation was built. We hear, see and feel the hatred and the bigotry being voiced throughout the nation by some elected officials, their constituents and media. This cannot continue and expect that our nation will be better because of it.

Our intent is to encourage Latinas and their families, throughout the nation, to mobilize and act on behalf of their children, their community and our nation. We will encourage each one to take responsibility to lead and change their community by raising awareness, voting and engaging in advocacy to promote a better nation for tomorrow.

eLatinaVoices takes positions of strength regarding issues that impact their lives.  We believe that children have equal rights under the Constitution of the United States and we are prepared to serve as the voices for children throughout Arizona and throughout the nation.

On March 16, 2011, children won their citizenship rights under the 14th Amendment in Arizona by helping to defeat an Arizona legislative bill on birthright citizenship. The fight for children’s rights is not over.  We must once again  unite  to make sure that Arizona is not the bastion for enacting legislative bills and promoting public policies that hurt children nationwide.

Our task for a better tomorrow for our children continues.  Join us in our struggle for prosperity,  justice and equality for all Americans and all children.

Olga Aros