eLatina Voices 2014 Arizona Election Endorsements

July 31, 2014

The driving force behind all endorsements is our eLatinaVoices members and all were encouraged to participate in the endorsement process. We recognize that all politics are both national and local and what other organizations would consider endorsing may be different from what we, at eLatinaVoices, feel is relevant and important. eLatinaVoices considered specific factors to guide the endorsement process. Some Congressional Districts were not included for endorsement, primarily because candidates were not known, not responsive or candidates running in the same Congressional District were equally qualified and had previous endorsement by eLatinaVoices. The endorsement committee was non-partisan and included several eLatinaVoices members and non-members. Candidate endorsements were based in general on these resulting questions.

  • Will the candidate most likely support the well-being, safety and future advancement of children and youth?
  • Does the candidate have legislative experience and a proven voting record for supporting legislation that positively impacts the lives of children?
  • Does the candidate display integrity, respect and professionalism while working with diverse communities?
  • Is the candidate accessible and responsive to eLatinaVoices member’s issues, values and beliefs?
  • Is the candidate’s campaign people-powered and is the candidate viable and working to win?

Endorsements were also based on information provided by other child and youth serving organizations. We respect all of our eLatinaVoices members’ individual choice of candidates and ask those who do not have a candidate in mind to consider the following endorsements and vote accordingly. There will be other candidates that were considered in other county and city races that are not included here. Those will be announced separately once reviewed.

eLatinaVoices members, we ask that you distribute these endorsements throughout your circles of influence and contribute generously to these candidates’ campaigns. 


Governor – Fred DuVal

Congressional Offices:

District 1 – Ann Kirkpatrick

District 2 – Ron Barber

District 3 – Raul Grijalva     

District 9 – Kyrsten Sinema


Arizona Statewide Offices:

Superintendent of Public Instruction – David Garcia

Attorney General – Felecia Rotellini

Secretary of State – Terry Goddard

Arizona State Senate and House Districts:

District 2

Senate – Andrea Dalessandro
House – Demion Clinco
Rosanna Gabaldon

District 3

Senate – Olivia Bedford Cajero
House – Sally Gonzales
Macario Saldate

District 4

Senate –  Lynne Pancrazi
House –  Lisa Otondo

District 7

Senate – Carlyle Begay
House – Albert Hale

District 8

Senate – Barbara McGuire

District 9

Senate – Steve Farley
House –   Victoria Steele
House –   Ethan Orr

District 10

Senate – David Bradley
House – Stefanie Mack
House – Bruce Wheeler

District 11

Senate – Jo Holt

District 13

Senate – Terri Woodmansee

District 15

House – Heather Carter

District 16

House – Douglas Coleman

District 18

Senate – Jeff Dial

District 19

Senate – Guadalupe Contreras
House – Mark Cardenas

District 21

House – Esther Duran Lumm

District 24

Senate – Katie Hobbs
House – Lela Alston

District 25

Senate – Robert Worsley

District 26

Senate – Ed Ebelser
House – Juan Mendez
House – Andrew Sherwood

District 27

Senate – Catherine Miranda
House – Norma Munoz
House – Rebecca Rios

District 28

House – Kate Brophy McGee
House – Eric Meyer

District 29

Senate – Martin Quezada

District 30

Senate – Robert Meza
House – Debbie McCune Davis
House – Jonathan Larkin