About Us

eLatinaVoices online was formed on September 30, 2010 and is committed to building an active online community of Latinas no matter where they live and work.   Our mission is to advocate and take action on relevant issues affecting Latinas and their communities. We are focused on connecting active women  interested in economic, political and social issues.

By increasing the exchange of information among Latinas and their community, our intent is to facilitate communication and create an active, cooperative community that is committed to civic engagement, advocacy on public policy issues and takes actions that create change and improve lives.

We encourage all Latina/os and others to join us and help us build a stronger, more vocal and influential community.

We are a virtual, online community that exercises our freedom to engage politically with those who legislate.  We exist to serve the Latino community, help others understand what is important to Latinos and our children and seek their cooperative spirit by being cooperative ourselves.

In order to give children a voice, we must strengthen our own!