Forces for Good

“Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High Impact Non-Profits” by Leslie Crutchfield & Heather McLeod Grant a book of 12 non-profit organizations selected by a survey of nearly 3,000 non-profit CEO’s & 60 expert interviews, highlights the National Council of La Raza as one of the best non-profit organizations in the U.S. For more information g to

Beyond El Barrio

Beyond El Barrio: Everyday Life in Latina/o America by Frank Guridy, Adrian Burgos, and Gina Perez . Freighted with meaning, “el barrio” is both place and metaphor for Latino populations in the United States. Beyond El Barrio features new scholarship that critically interrogates how Latinos are portrayed in media, public policy and popular culture, as well as the material conditions in which different Latina/o groups build meaningful communities both within and across national affiliations. Drawing from history, media studies, cultural studies, and anthropology, the contributors illustrate how despite the hypervisibility of Latinos and Latin American immigrants in recent political debates and popular culture, the daily lives of America’s new “majority minority” remain largely invisible and mischaracterized.
Taken together, these essays provide analyses that not only defy stubborn stereotypes, but also present novel narratives of Latina/o communities that do not fit within recognizable categories. In this way, this book helps us to move “beyond el barrio”: beyond stereotype and stigmatizing tropes, as well as nostalgic and uncritical portraits of complex and heterogeneous range of Latina/o lives.

Family of Secrets

Russ Baker, one of the most important investigative reporter of our era, reveals the truth about Karl Rove, the Bush era and stolen elections and how the plan to do it again in 2012. “Family of Secrets: the Bush Dynasty, America’s invisible government, and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years“. Bush insists he was against conquering Iraq, but Rumsfeld and the Neocons made him do it. But Bush’s own ghostwriter revealed to Russ Baker how candidate Bush was already talking privately in 1999 about invading Iraq – an action he believed would gain him “political capital” as president. Look for it on

The Girl from the Revoluntionary Cantina

“The Girl from the Revoluntionary Cantina” a new novelby Mike Padilla, is a Chicano/Latino Literacy Prize winner. The novel depicts the story of friendship between two women, who rise from humble beginnings to career Latinas. Culture and love test loyalties that challenge their future and their friendship. Contact for information and ordering.

Let Their Spirits Dance

“Let Their Spirits Dance”, If I Die in Juarez, Fragile Night andWomen Who Live in Coffee Shops and Other Stories by Stella Pope Duarte is an author inspired to write by her father in a dream. Duarte has won awards and honors nationwide for her writing. Her books include To learn more about this acclaimed author visit and to order contact M.Tristan@Central.UH.EDU.

The Lie About My Inferiority, Evolution of a Chicana Activist

“The Lie About My Inferiority, Evolution of a Chicana Activist.” by Cecilia Esquer, an Arizona teacher, activist and lawyer evokes the Chicano Movement, struggle to overcome stereotypes against Mexican-Americans.

She tells not only her own story; she also chronicles an important segment of –until now– unwritten Chicano history. Cecilia Esquer passed away on December 4, 2010. To purchase the book, orders can be sent to Elias Esquer, PO Box 25514. Tempe, AZ 85285 OR 1720 E. Palmcroft Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282-2633 or send order to Andrea at Cost of book is $24.95

Across a Hundred Mountains and Dancing with Butterlies

Across a Hundred Mountains and Dancing with Butterlies by Reyna Grande (born September 7, 1975 in Iguala, Guerrero) is a Mexican-immigrant author best known for her novels which, though a work of fiction, draws heavily on Grande’s experiences growing up in Mexico and her illegal immigration to the United States and , a story of four women bonded by their passion for Folklorico, who will learn to heal together and to keep Alegria dancing another day.

Surviving Padilla

Surviving Padilla: New Book for Criminal Defense Attorneys by Kara Hartzler is a practical guide to advising non-citizens on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Cost is $29.00 and can be purchased from the Florence Project, P.O. Box 654, Florence, AZ 85132.